Yes, I am alive. And blogging.

So, ahem, things have been quiet in these parts for some time. In part, we had our third child, my work commute is hellish, and I’ve just been in a nonfiction writing funk. It’s not that I’m falling out of love with soccer – it’s that when Real Madrid is winning three UCLs in a row, you come off as an arrogant whiner from pretty much every angle.

I’m kinda working on some reported features, which can take between 8 months to three years of investigation. And, as you may have heard, or seen on my Twitter, my wife’s home country, Nicaragua, has gone to Hell in a handbasket. And this has somehow affected soccer… Continue reading “STICK TO SPORTS!” »

Transcript for the Pilot Episode of the Forthcoming FUTFANATICO YouTube Channel

When in Rome, pivot to video.

For years, you have come to Futfanatico DOT com for written content. There’s just one problem: the majority of you are bots sent by Search Engines whose clicks I have failed to monetize. Many of you spend the large part of your day watching brief, two-minute videos on your cell phones.

Thus, here is the pilot episode for the Futfanatico YouTube Channel. Or at least a transcript. Continue reading “Transcript for the Pilot Episode of the Forthcoming FUTFANATICO YouTube Channel” »

The USMNT Post Mortem

Oh, hello madam and sir. I hope you are well. As a USMNT fan, I have seen better days. In fact, for the past year or so, I feel as though I have been shouting in a black hole. I have pitched articles but heard silence. Why, I even got paid a kill fee to shut up about the USMNT’s problems. Thus, I have joked on Twitter, but kept my claws in my pocket. My sin? Casting doubt on the Arena-as-savior narrative, only to be ignored. Disregarded. Mocked.

And now, my friends, I am sad the USMNT did not qualify, but my sharpened knives must come out. Here is some of the Arena stories you and I have read this past year. Let’s all chuckle (then cry). Continue reading “The USMNT Post Mortem” »

Kane and Able?

Hello, friends. Earlier today I had some fun on Twitter. Jason Davis aka “The Soccer Eagle” (El Soccer Aguila for our friends who speak Spanish) announced that he was adopting Spurs as his EPL club for the season. I chimed in that Harry Kane scored most of his goals off crosses and was not a particularly amazing dribbler.

And then came the waves of Spurs tweets. Continue reading “Kane and Able?” »

Neymar to PSG: The Gloriously Pathetic Details

Lots of other people have written their “thinkpiece” on what the Neymar to PSG transfer deal means. Basically, blah blah more wealth blah blah spend lots of money bad blah blah. I actually care little for the so called Chicken Little // Greed in football big picture analysis. I care more about the precise details of this deal. The consummation. The exchange of money. The hard currency.

And they are hysterical. Continue reading “Neymar to PSG: The Gloriously Pathetic Details” »

Right Said Fred Adu

No country produces a never ending stream of star players. Even South American giants like Argentina and Brazil have their fair share of “the next big thing” that turn out more dud than stud. On the one hand, we as fans deserve share of the blame for rushing to heap praise and feverishly clasp at the next young prospect.

On the other hand, a player may not reach his or her potential for myriad reasons. A bad club situation. An injury. A poor attitude. All of the above.

Yet many Americans cannot stop dwelling on once wunderkid Freddy Adu. And I am one of them. Continue reading “Right Said Fred Adu” »

MLS Expansion Franchise Behind The Scenes Scoopfest

Friends, I am honored to have been invited to exclusive meetings with the executive team behind the newest and arguably most successful MLS expansion franchise in recent history. In fact, the meetings and interviews went so well, and were so long and insightful, I was able to use the quotes to fill an entire article.

And this is that article.

Continue reading “MLS Expansion Franchise Behind The Scenes Scoopfest” »