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Whoa, did you just drop a five dollar bill? Why don’t you turn, bend down, pick it up, and drop your guard. Thanks for the wallet, chump! And thanks more so for these delicious links…

La Liga Loca brought it hard – going the extra miles with commentary on Pep Guardiola’s cardigan-less apparel AND providing humorous quotes from Spain. Two-for-one special, come and get it!

Meanwhile. US fans were disappointed not to see Jozy Altidore get a game against Manchester United. Where was he? No, he did not get in trouble for wearing a blue tooth and showing up Phil Brown’s headset. Instead, the US government quarantined him for having a rare condition: being US-born and having talent at soccer. We just hope it’s not terminal.

Meanwhile, Richard Whittall dares to say: perhaps ESPN should not shove MLS down the Brit’s throats. I tend to agree. Why? Just remember when your mother made you eat vegetables before she would agree to take off your blindfold and untie you from the kitchen chair. Yeah, those were the days. And best of luck with the missus. I hope she knows you are kindof a big deal.

Brian Phillips has the lowdown on Burnley, including club history, mini-bus sponsorships, and s.t.d.-etymological history. Apparently they are named after some arch-duke who had too many Asian wives and too few guillotines.  Oh, and they have beaten Manchester United mid-week. Assuming you don’t entirely fault Michael Carrick.

I wrote a conventional soccer piece on redrants that suggested Berbatov did not fit into United’s 4-4-2 speedy attack scheme. I received some negative and some positive feedback, including being called a pounce, which is UK English for “pundit with several ounces of talent.” Those Brits are so clever with their English! Thanks!

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