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The theme for this batch of linkups is age, as in, how do we as society view age. Well, if you are old, it is bad. If you are young, it is good. Okay enough philosophy, on with the video and image links, most of which are old yet good.

First off, Fredorrarci, with help from a La Liga Loca article, uncovered some gems of a Getafe advertising campaign gone horribly wrong, err, right. These videos never cease to amuse me. Like a fine wine, they get better with age and dont turn into vinegar until well after you have deceased.

Secondly. and sticking with La Liga for a bit, Dirty Tackle provided footage of the youngest ever player to score a goal the Spanish first division. Be forewarned: he bears an eery resemblance to Bart Simpson.

Thirdly, Brian at RunofPlay found a very interesting painting of the Queen of England at a soccer game….and she was less than impressed.

Finally, the gem of the crop. And much kudos for Bill of Scissorskick for uncovering this ditty of a video compilation. Do you like George Best? No, not as a human being, but as a soccer player. And George Harrison? No, not as a bassist, but as a person. Well the two merge seamlessly in this video, with Best highlights illuminating the screen to Beatles´tunes.

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