Ronaldinho is alive…and, well, chew on that

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Kaka left for Madrid, Maldini retired, and Ancellotti set sail for England. Surely the Serie A has nothing left to offer in terms of entertainment. Wrong. With newfound (read: low) expectations, ‘Dinho has actually looked half decent. He is actually dribbling at defenders instead of gasping for air. Is this a renaissance? A last gasp at glory? Or flash in the pan?

I am unsure what to call this development – I use the word resurrection in rare circumstances. But I do know what to call Borriello’s goal to put the game against Parma to bed: A bicycle kick.

Or, in Spanish, “una chilena.” Yes, that means chilean in English. No, the etymology is a mystery which would make Dan Brown’s mouth water but ultimately result in a boring feature film starring Tom Hanks. I will not digress.

Here is the goal, which is anything but boring:

So while Cesc Fabregas darts around overaged swimmers, just recall that a bit of football is still being playing in Italy. And the first Dinho assist was also quite nice.

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