Vote NOW For Futfanatico! Vote Twice!

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I knew when I created this blog a year ago that, well, it would not be an opiate for the masses. So each year, as awards are doled out and votes counted, I don’t hold my breath. No, true to form, I nominate other blogs for awards, vote for other blogs, etc. etc. Well you know what? The days of Elliott “the Silent Martyr” have ended. The time for Elliott “the Glory Hogging Troll” have arrived.

I can’t win a fair fight. I know this much. Thus, rather than nominate my blog for one of the more established awards, I have decided to create my own election with my own rules. I have decided to hide the ballot results, but will allow multiple voting. So as the holiday season approaches, the year winds down, the Chelsea transfer ban dissipates into a laughing joke, I invite you to participate in the first annual “Futfanatico is the Blog of the Year” election. It’s a runoff. Kindof.

I know the obvious question – what category of blog? Well, I do dabble in MLS. I also cover the EPL and the cream of the La Liga crop. I also do some world cup. Thus, a traditional category would not fit. I thought about “best blog to be haunted by a Hungarian footballer”, but that was rather limiting. I also did not want to invite any more ouija board sessions.

I finally settled on a limited but not overly narrow category. The polls will be closed in one week’s time, so vote early, often, and more often!


6 thoughts on “Vote NOW For Futfanatico! Vote Twice!

  1. Tanuj – I’m sure you made the right choice.

    Fredo – analogical reasoning is always indeterminate. While the two parties may look the same and have the same leader, the subtle philosophical differences which get obscured by the practical realities of politics should not be so casually dismissed.

    Adrian – voting records show you voted for Pedro. NO MORE write-ins. This is an either/or black/white election.

    And as for rumors of a third party candidate entering the fray….

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