Links we are ready to ransom….

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Alright folks, the amusing soccer writing has spiraled hopelessly out of control. Thus, to put a plastic lid on Pandora’s box and restore a bit of order, we give you a delicious diet of high quality linkery.

First off, Studs-up offers an exclusive interview between the Irish Federation and Sepp Blatter. As expected, it quickly spiraled into a dirty affair.

At Fisted-Away, Mr. Dunmore exhibits Roy Keane’s insight into a few key transfer moves and one young child’s blood lust for revenge.

At Dirty Tackle, Vagner-Love’s recent squabbles with angry fans and porn stars will amuse young and old alike.

The DA also charts out England’s path to World Cup glory.

Brian Phillips at RunofPlay reflects on some transfer rumors.

Lastly, on a serious note, Rob, at Left Back in the Changing Room, addresses the thorny issue of homophobia in soccer. The relevant question: how would society react if Tiger Woods had had an affair…with a man? And why?

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