My New Year's Resolution: A Lot More Me

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So, as the year ends (not the world…yet), I have reflected upon my nascent blogging career. I am incredibly grateful to Ahmed of Soccerlens and RR of Redrants for the guidance and help with the wordpress migration, akin to the 19th century California Gold Rush both in scope and bloodbathery.

I also have, well, kinda skanked around town. Granted, I found a few friendly streetcorners where the price was right and the clientele dapper. So here are my favorite guestposts from 2009…

The Dirk Kuyt Capricho post at Run of Play was equal parts brilliant editing by Mr. Phillips and cosmic luck – a competitive Liverpool? Dirk Kuyt scoring goals? Goya paintings somehow related? Currently, it all seems so, so…impossible. But it was.

As Real Madrid took out loans that would make American EPL owners shake at the knees (or water at the mouth), I dived off the deep end of cultural anthropology at Sport is a a TV Show. And Fredo kindly indulged me.

Please don’t tell Nick, but I think I may have written more posts at Fistedaway than my own site. Still, of all my crooked eyed babies, the early post on the Curious Case of Michael Owen Hargreaves struck a fine balance between actual soccer insight and downright sillyness.

I ventured into uncharted territories of autobiography and MLS at A More Splendid Life. Richard graciously published my post on the decline of the never existent ultra violent KC Wizards fan movement.

Finally, continuing my dabble in solipsism (more so), I wrote about my wild ¬†wanderlusting days in South America for the delightful Pitch Invasion. I braved a chilly Buenos Aires evening to attend a Super Clasico, even if I wore the wrong team’s jersey.

I’ve written some other fine posts and other fine sites, and really am looking forward to a New Year of, well, more me. Me Me Me. Meeeeeeee.

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