Ms. Meow Lives to Meow Another Day!

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Loyal reader, Speaker of le Spanish, and tweeter extraordinaire “Sean Rubio” has won the highly competitive Futfanatico-Design-My-Header-For-Free contest. Congrats! Using the magic of javascript, his header is rotating with the Maracanazo. Did you see it? Click refresh. Now click on the ads. Now click refresh Still not working? Click refresh. Now click on the ads. Still not working?

But seriously, we assure you that Sean is in no way associated with the Carlos Gardel song “Rubias de Nueva York” and resides on the West Coast.  Thanks Sean and to everyone who entered! I’m just relieved that Pitchinvasion didn’t find a way to win. Granted, I had to distract Tom with a side project.

For the record, Ms. Meow is alive, well, and drinking lots of delicious and wholesome milk. She enjoys purring, chasing feathers attached to the end of sticks, and sitting on laps. In that order.

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