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Zonal Marking is, well, about more than just zonal marking. The diagrams are wicked cool, and the analysis of Mexico’s fluid, three pronged attack is spot on. And a pleasure to read.

Brian at Run of Play bridges the gaps between nerd, cover art novelist nerd, and soccer nerd. Welcome to his world of fantasy football, where dungeons meet dragons and defensive midfielders. A must read.

Despite the real Mourinho’s remarks that he believes the Champions League is bigger than the World Cup (ha..ha..ha), Special 1 TV has an amusing world cup promo. (via Unprofessional Foul). The spot is too brief, but leaves the mouth watering….

For a well balanced look at the aging England squad, which goes beyond big media sweeping gestures and knee jerk blogger overreactions, have a read at More Than Mind Games. Editor’s note: I am a Yank, our team’s primary weapon is speed, and Ledley King’s knees give me a 1% sliver of hope.

Two Hundred Percent asks the question – did tightfisted American owners cost Rafa Benitez his job? Still, this analysis goes beyond the general lament against leveraged buy-outs and reflects upon the youth system’s deterioration. Basically, the free spending sugar mama and the credit card wielding sugary daddy both played a part. MyAnfield is back (yeah!) and places a bit more of the blame on the US owners.

A lot of US fans, still learning about the game, don’t quite understand the full importance of the shirt number. For example, the battle for the 10 playmaker and 9 forward is usually fierce. To don these numbers is an honor, like a burger king cardboard crown on your birthday, but nicer fabric. Thus, Argentina is an anomaly. Hasta El Gol Siempre looks at the quirky shirt assignments.

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