World Cup News You Can Use, Abuse, Diffuse

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So, the World Cup is among us. Where, good reader, should you go to consume your daily tidbits of media morsels? Well, I have just a handful of ideas…

First, Tahir Duckett, a close friend, will be traveling to South Africa to give you the scoop on the US national team and his travails abroad. T, referred to in some corners as “Iced T”, should offer a balanced (read: actually journalistic) counterweight to what I have in store. Bwa. Ha. Ha. (Hint)

Second, I am covering the Ivory Coast shannanigans at the delightful WorldCupBlog. I did a couple amusing liveblogs for games, well “dead-live-blogs” to be exact, but a good time as had by all. Even that Algerian guy who just kinda yelled stuff in all caps and got really excited. But Drogba and Eboue haters be warned – offensive and derogatory comments will be moderated. End of story. If you can’t enjoy soccer in a positive and light hearted fashion, find some troll-forum on which to troll.

Third, Brooks at DirtyTackle has assembled an all star cast for the World Cup. Richard of AMSL and Brian of RoP are on board, which makes it all the clearer a case for my initial FTC complaint about this powerful racket. I can only speculate as to the delightful continental buffet Brooks has promised those fine gentlemen. Oh, and Daryl of The Offside is in on the party.

Ahem, the New Republic’s soccer coverage is back with a vengeance. Normally I am loathe when big media jumps on the soccer blogging bandwagon just in time for the World Cup and ends in August, but TNR’s coverage was more dormant than lifeless. Also, the quality of the writing speaks for itself. Enjoy this piece on the terror of an English expat, feeling American, and dreading this Saturday.

Also, for some satirical looks at the beautiful game, be sure to check out FistedAway and Crabfootball. For obscure references to 1970′s era BBC situational comedies that are only tangentially related to football, check out Sport is a TV Show.

For a more serious but thorough and intellectually engaging analysis, Zonal Marking and Pitch Invasion can’t be beat.

Do you like music and soccer? No fucking way. Both? Really? Get your fix at Football & Music.

4 thoughts on “World Cup News You Can Use, Abuse, Diffuse

  1. “…tangentially related to football…”? That Hancock’s Half Hour episode was completely about football! How dare you! I mean, the nerve! Actually, this reminds me of this one episode of Porridge where Fletcher was having a conversation with Godber, and– you know what? I’ll show you the DVD. Just wait there ’til I get back, it’s really good…

  2. Futfanatico! Thanks again for the plug. We love you. Can I also just, ahem, plug our World Cup Competition which closes at 3pm today. It’s free to enter and there is a cash prize.

    The Crab!