Some Interesting Reads for a Lazy Friday

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I will keep this short and sweet in light of your overpowering and anxious anticipation of the coming Premier League kick-off.

First, Brian Phillips asks if we don’t appreciate Pele as much as we should. Brian draws upon two notions of hero – the all conquering good guy vs. the rebellious adolescent (Maradona). The point is intriguing and the comments, as per usual, are treats in and of themselves.

Second, FakeSigi asks if Brook at Dirty Tackle is sexist. Actually, the post is supposedly a retraction and apology, yet Sigi scoured Brook’s site to point at articles that treat women’s soccer as “accessories” by their flippant tone. However, does that flippant tone merely reflect the entirety of the site? Ironically, would Brooks treating women’s soccer and only women’s soccer more seriously be chauvinistic by treating that topic differently (ie, with “more care”, almost “gentlemanly”) than the rest? Read. And decide. And check out the comments.

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