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So, Richard at Pitchinvasion waxed epic on the growing relationships between major media outlets and the accursed, insurrectionist bloggers. However, he left out one very real possibility and one very simmering critique: how many newspapers merely recycle the bland stories from the Associated Press in place of original content? As savvy readers check out newspapers from around the country and spanning the globe, the redundancy and flavor-less AP snapshot doesn’t fill the intellectual stummy starved for insight.

Need an example? Oh. I got your example. Right. Here.
So yesterday, in the quaintest of leagues which I call my own, MLS, a sizzling second leg between Real Salt Lake and FC Dallas occurred. While Salt Lake’s name and Dallas’s empty stadium should elicit snickers, the quality on the field of play shined. Only in the second legs of MLS games do teams play savvy, organized, attacking soccer. FC Dallas pulled back the forwards, didn’t press like a dog chasing a rabbit, and instead looked compact and moved as a single unit. Real Salt Lake, for their part, put on their best display of possession soccer this side of the Atlantic and North of the Rio Grande.

It was delightful. It was also a riveting match with an early visitor’s goal, a late substitute hero, and a thrilling ten minute finish. What did ESPN have to say about this game of games?

And what did fierce soccer covering rival CNNSI have to say about the great match played out in Salt Lake City?

I understand newspapers are a business. But that’s precisely why it’s shocking that they pay the same AP for the same AP story. Why not link to a quality blogger for free and get a decent perspective on events? Plus, the traffic, trackback, and credibility would be sufficient currency to make any blogger’s heart aflutter.

Thus, we have a new MLS Manifesto Rule: Thou Shall Read Original, Not Recycled, Content on the MLS Playoffs.

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  1. Usually they use synonyms, or even paraphrasing. But thats impressive. In the disgusting, perturbed sense of the word.