The Italian Influence on Argentina. Kinda.

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For the young folk, the whipper-snappers, you may not recall this emoticon of old. It belonged to the Run of Play before Brian’s site redesign blew everybody’s mind. Well, I have written a guest post for said delightful site. It concerns 14th century Italian sculptors and Esteban Cambiasso. The two, obviously, go hand-in-hand. Check it out here.

As for proper posts about this site that do not link to another site? Well, rest assured that Junito is alive and well. He is feverishly studying for a preschool examination that requires knowledge of the vocales and a fistful of numbers. If he passes, he will officially be smarter than 90% of professional footballers and doomed to a desk job pushing papers but dreaming of sporting success for my nieto. Who does that remind us of?

But seriously, Junito will be back in full effect for the clasico. In the meantime, read up on your moral relativism and start fawning in advance over Junito’s “Daddy Yankee haircut” and new Real Madrid Jersey.

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