The Most Transparent Election of the Week

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So, Sepp didi very little to qualm fears that FIFA is a corrupt “money buys anything” organization. The recent selection of Russia & Qatar, despite FIFA reports giving them both low marks for stadium preparations, hints at a bit of the old “briefcases exchanged in parking lots at night.”

But fear not, because another election exemplified the virtues of integrity, transparency, and greatness. You actually partook in this election. And the winner may (or may not) surprise you.

I, of course, refer to the soccer blogosphere’s most prestigious award: “the best soccer blog of the year with futfanatico in the URL.” Last year’s election was a disaster due to secret ballots and Nicaraguan campaign managers. In fact, we saw the lingering spirit of distrust permeate this year’s elections, as voting decreased by well over 90%. I also believe that heavy snowfall in the UK contributed to a reduced voter turnout – I’m sure some folks who wanted to vote were unable to visit the local library and use the internet connection. Like, let’s say 3,000 people or so.

Regardless of the inclement weather, a clear victor emerged.

I was shocked. Last year, “www” really made a strong showing, narrowly losing to pitchinvasion. However, they say that politics and elections come in waves and cycles. I guess some sort of rebellious and cantankerous tea party activists rocked the boat by pushing “http”. Is it a stab at the somewhat superfluous “www” in an era of government and private sector belt-tightening? Perchance.

Regardless, I can assure you that Qatar and Russia never stood a chance. In fact, the initial Futfanatico Site Reports immediately disqualified them for 1) Failing to be a soccer related blog and 2) Not having “futfanatico” in the url. And I assure you – those rules are set in stone.

So, while I didn’t prepare an acceptance speech, I would like to thank my mom for having given birth to me. I’d also like to thank my dad for having impregnated my mom. And I’d like to thank my grandmother for having given birth to my mom, who then gave birth to me around 28 years later. Without those wonderful people, none of the great things I do would have been possible.

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