The Favorite Friday Link-Up: Roaring Back to Life

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Quite a few of my favorite blogs have shaken off their winter slumber and roared back to life! So buckle up and get ready for some delightful required reading.

First and foremost, yesterday the Guardian lost lots of journalistic credibility thanks to some twitter manipulation. The crime? Building hype about an “exclusive,” and then running a run-of-the-mill transfer rumor seemingly stolen from goal dot com. Richard at A More Splendid Life uses this gaffe to criticize the SEO headline chasing soccer blogosophere. As a manipulator of SEO tactics, I have no legs to stand upon. Thus, from my knees, I view the blogger world like Silicon Valley: you have the Apple game-changers, App making fast-followers, and the Vimeo niche-market. It’d be great if we all had the same values and audience, but we don’t. Enjoy cranking out headlines every ten minutes, Mr. and Ms. Content-Mill.

In other news, a few mainstream pundits lost their cushy media announcer jobs for sexist remarks about female executives and a lady lineswoman. High fives all around and go cosmic justice! Case closed! Right? Wrong. Jennifer at From a Left Wing points out that these remarks reflect a large cultural sporting problem, one that is sadly reflected in comments in more crowded corners of the cybersphere. Enjoy editing sexist comments every ten seconds, Mr. and Ms. Content-Mill. (Or just let them slide)

On a lighter note, do you like Bob Dylan? Do you like the English Premier League? Well Brian at the Run of Play has beautifully combined the two in a lyric and picture driven smorgasborg of brilliance. I eagerly anticipate his terza-rima epic poem on the fall of Liverpool FC.

If you are still glowing from the USMNT game vs. Chile, I suggest you check out Nutmegradio‘s analysis of the Boon-Boo-Ree¬†phenomena. If you are not already subscribed to Nutmegradio , you should be. Right now.

Lastly, FakeSigi has stopped stealing subscription dollars and finally started posting again. Fear his fury. He has the lowdown on the marketing world at MLS, providing an ample feeding ground for pun-laden questions. Will the advertising add up to more than the SUM of its parts? Did MLS Find(lay) the right person for the job? FS has his own opinion.

Fear not, my epic tome on Real Madrid and Adebayor will be ready for Monday morning. Thus far, the tears have caused technical problems with my keyboard, but a bit of Kleenex and some Elton John singles should help….

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