Addressing a Democratic Failing in the Soccer Blogosphere

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Oh, hello there well-educated & reasonably financially secure connoisseur of le souccer bloug. I thank you for your readership, and also for your reading of my gifted brethren. However, I am afraid that, despite our best efforts, we have failed you. How? Why? In what way?

Allow me to explain.

The social media uprising in Northern Africa has shed light on the importance of voice and opportunity in the world. Democracy fosters ownership by the people, yet sadly the tyrannical “lecture model” continues to pervade the soccer blogosphere. And no, I am not ordering you to go to a forum. I view forums as a direct democracy, aka, crazy Libertarian talk. As a fellow sipper of fine Cabernet Sauvignon with a bachelor’s degree in arts & sciences, I prefer a happy, reasoned medium.

No, not a link directory. I have mad respect for Oscar at soccerblogs for both his patience and the site’s longevity, but a directory is a portal to be perused, with limited interaction. I had hoped the Simplest Game network of super friends would lead to the promised land, yet book deals and full-time writing gigs pulled us in different directions.

I speak, of course, of a place where we can submit soccer-themed articles for perusal, comments, and intelligent thoughts. Yet we also can vote on our favorite stories. Back in the day, BallHype and DailyRadar offered promise. Then, for a few months, 3Nil blew my mind. Yet BallHype and DailyRadar are no more. And 3Nil is some weird WP bot blog.

The MBA-in-me screams – you’ve found a hole in the market, fill it quick! The engineer-in-me yearns to study and craft the code & content systems. Yet I am weak. Time has become short. Familial, work, and sporting obligations have grown considerably.

Yet I have a plan. And I need you.

No, we are not going to inspire a twitter-geddon. Instead, I invite you to an already existing haven of promise, a Garden of Eden nerdery, untouched thus far by trolls and Spurs fans. I speak, of course, of Digg.

Yes, Digg has some interface issues. But, like Carlos Ancellotti’s eyebrow, it has risen to the occasion time after time. Digg has also responded to requests to better filter the stream-spammers, aka, the soulless hitmen that killed 3Nil. As a collective, we can fix the Digg’s problems and conquer this lush, virgin rain forest for our highways and Starbuck’s. Can you imagine anything greater?

So please, let’s restore democracy to the Soccer blogosphere without punching Anderson Cooper in the face. Well, okay, you can do that as well. But please, give Digg a try. I am.

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