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Yes, the transfer rumor treadmill reached an obnoxious pitch right before international friendlies & European qualifiers pitting sharks against minnows. Yawwwwwwn. But don’t worry – the first few weeks of the European season have breathed life into some of my favorite blogs. And these links should put a smile on your face.

For decades, every EPL-loving fan has looked down their nose at continental teams, rightly asking “How would they fare on a cold Tuesday night away to Stoke?” Now, with Stoke in European competition, we will finally get that answer. And what is Stoke doing to prepare for the cream of the European crop? Making sandwiches. (Fisted Away). Note: this story got picked up by some sarcastically challenged folks at Dinamo Kiev, which resulted in some serious and hysterical confusion (Dinamo Kiev)

In Spain, the free spending Duopoly of Real Madrid and Barcelona have started to burn some bridges with mid-sized clubs. Who’d have thought that hogging most of the TV revenue would have angered so many clubs…desperate for TV revenue. (La Liga Loca)

The transfer window closed in typically dramatic fashion, but not before a series of rumors spread throughout the internet and twitterverse. Then fizzled. And, of course, Sky Sports was lurking about, hoping to pick up a scoop on the latest player-loan-to-lesser-term. (The DA)

A few weeks ago, Barcelona finally managed to sign Cesc Fabregas. Oddly, on the same day as the consummation of the deal, Arsene Wenger deadpanned to journalists that “he did not see any players leaving.” Well, he was either dead-panning or totally naive. (Studs Up)

An international conspiracy is underway to make all t-shirts the exact fricking same. Date. Location. Repeat. Re-wash. Recycle. (Sunshine Room)

Owen Hargreaves has leveraged his now famous exercise video into a deal with Manchester City. The Blues are counting on Hargreaves to fill the “always injured and racks up the wage bill” hole left by the loan of Roque Santa Cruz. I imagine he’ll succeed. However, United fans got mad and created a clever billboard. (Unprofessional Foul)

Soccer scribes love to write “curious case” in headlines for player profiles. They also love to pen “a tale of two halves” for soccer recaps. However, for TV pundits and transfer deadline day, the trite term of choice is “what to make of the transfer window.” This is the best idea yet. (Surreal Football)

Of course, the pains & angst from the heated Superacopa between Madrid and Barca still linger. A clever fan of Real Zaragoza donned special “Mourinho-proof” glasses at his side’s league game vs. the merengues. He fared better than his team. (Off the Ball)

Lastly, the Classical, a nascent sports website featuring the writing of Fredorrarci, is kickstarting towards its funding goal, but only has 20 so days left. Please help them make their dream a possibility. Even a $1 donation gets something. (The Classical)

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