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After much deliberation and feedback, the soccer eBook is now available in a DRM-less ePub format at Goodreads. Right here. What does that mean? Well, for those folks who do not have a Kindle or Nook, you can now purchase the book for $5.99 to then download and read on pretty much any other device. If you rock the open source Calibre, you can read it. If you use Adobe Digital Editions, you’re also included. And, of course, you can simply use the Goodreads eBook reader by simply signing up.

Speaking of the eBook, Robert of theTwoUnfortunates wrote a positive review that you can check out here. Terry Duffelen, blogger, podder & Socrates co-founder, also had some kind words to say about the eBook at Goodreads. And thus far the ratings have been squarely in the 4-5 range. Not too shabby. I’m still riding on a wave of confidence and my Vampire-High school-Law firm legal thriller/comedy series will be available from Doubleday in May of 2013.

But seriously, I promise to stop proudly boasting about the eBook until at least the new year. Scout’s honor. Books are like kids – once you have more than one, they all start to look the same & you eventually forget their names. Now, the links.

We’ll start with me. Two of my all-time favorite sites, Sport is a TV Show and FistedAway, presented some prime posting opportunities. First, I waxed on why you really hate Manchester City. My conclusion is that your simple envy and jealousy blind you to the truth – the Sheikh is desperate to buy your attention and affection. Given him neither. (SIATVS)

In case you didn’t see it, Arsenal FC actually won a game this past weekend. As the world’s leading Gunner-satirist who, while a Manchester United fan, has immense respect for Wenger & his sporting project, I penned a few words at Nick & Rob’s fine site. And, as per usual, a wave of Gunner-trolls took personal offense.I would just like to clarify that when I wryly poke fun at the intangible sporting entity which occupies your free time, it is only in lieu of punching you in the face. Please, get angry. Pretend that I have punched you in the face. (Fisted Away)

In terms of legitimate news, victims of the Hillsborough tragedy will finally get to see all the documents produced during the resulting investigation. David Conn squarely puts the blame on local governments & businesses who in the immediate aftermath tried to point fingers instead of looking in the mirror. (Guardian) Writing from a distance both spatially and temporally, Richard Whittall, young Canadian soccer writer extraordinaire, beautifully articulates what “Hillsborough” as a concept means to different people. (Footy Blog)

And, just to keep the kabal atmosphere going, James Tyler of Unprofessional Foul made his debut at ESPN. JT, not to be confused with Justin Timberlake when off the dance floor, summed up the prevailing sentiment that the United-Liverpool game kinda stunk. Both managers started off with defensive lineups, and even the helter-skelter of the last ten minute was more hurricane than rip-roaring EPL tide. (ESPN)

Also, I’ve been tearing into the Digital Edition Issue Two of the Blizzard. It’s available in PDF, ePub, and Mobi on a pay-what-you-want basis. In reality, it should have a price tag of at least $5 to $10 per issue. I really enjoyed Jonathan Wilson’s recap of the recent Copa America, which included some cool soccer Spanish terms like “enganche” and “garra.” (The Blizzard)

We satirists have struggled to properly mock Tevez for his recent childish antics. Maybe we’re gassed, or maybe the audience has ran out of empathy and the knives are too sharp. Regardless, Chris Toy’s images of Tevez t-shirts are hysterical, especially the third. Thanks for showing us the way, Chris! (Studs-Up)

TV rights. They are kinda important. In fact, maybe more so than foreign ownership. For a thorough and meticulous probe into the world of finances and football, there’s no better place. Even if this “Ramble” is a bit too close to FIFA for comfort.(Swiss Ramble)

Lastly, Charlie Davies has filed a lawsuit against a K street nightclub and Red Bull for throwing a party and serving alcohol to the drunk driver the night of his fateful crash. I side with C.D. and am absolutely outraged that these establishments are allowed to serve alcohol in blatant violation of the 18th Amendment of the Constitution and the Volstead Act. I only hope that current President Woodrow Wilson launches a full executive inquiry into this flagrant disregard for the rule of law. (Washington Post)

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