OWN GOALS – the accursed, huggable, imperalist Americans

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Don’t you just hate those arrogant, talented, supremely handsome Americans? Me too. Well, this American had the pleasure of writing for and speaking with some friends from across the Atlantic, and the results were marvelous. At least in my humble imperialist American opinion.

First, I penned a piece for the excellent 200 percent. My topic? The endless carousel of 4th division “professional” soccer teams in South Texas. Corruption. Graft. Mirages. Unpaid wages. When the franchise system and poverty collide, the results are catastrophic. Enjoy it here, assuming you enjoy the macabre.

Second, I have an article forthcoming for the nascent Spiel magazine, a Liverpool-based football & lifestyle magazine. You can check out a PDF of the Preview Issue here. You gotta pay for the issue with my article though (which is due out in two weeks). My article’s topic? The lingering mirage of rugged individualism that we foolishly use to characterize Ronald Reagan’s Presidency & Hugo Sanchez’s playing career at Real Madrid. It is so 80′s it hurts and, if you are a guy, while reading it your shoulders will swell in size and your hair will grow curly and long.

Lastly, and slightly more stateside, I had fun with DC-based Mirit and UK ex-pat James Tyler at Nutmegradio. We got our podcast on and I answered some very personal questions, like if I prefer Fakefutfanatico to Fakerfutfanatico. Listen here, if you dare.

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