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The FA aside, the news cycle has been a bit slow lately. I did receive an anonymous tip that in Garden City, Kansas, a caterpillar had recently formed a cocoon and in a few weeks time may possibly become a butterfly. However, the “source” failed to provide enough detailed facts to corroborate the story, so instead I went with¬† “Mourinho will quit Real Madrid to coach England.” You read it here first!

No, but seriously, I’ve penned words at a few sites. Other sites have penned their own words. You should read them.

Racism allegations continue to haunt Liverpool FC, but I came up with an alternative theory: what if the “monkey dancer” had just “gone ape” at the prospect of a domestic Cup double? Scousers haven’t sniffed a trophy for years, so King Kenny bravely leading them to the cusp of a possible Europa League trophy, FA Cup, and Carling Cup has melted their minds. Or has it? (Fisted Away)

Also in the English overreaction department, I spilled a few thoughts on Third Party Ownership. Basically, I clearly articulated the benefits of “pooling risk” and point out that current youth academies feast on “sell-on fees.” I also arrived at a compromise: players’ rights should be clearly segregated and divided by body part, with Diego Maradona’s left foot valued at $35 million, his mullet worth about $5,000, and his whizzinator available on Ebay for the buy-now price of $250. (The Footy Blog)

Some folks are mad that Grantland has not paid enough attention to the MLS. (KCKRS) However, Grantland also has failed to cover the incredible pro ice hockey exploits in the Russian Super League. Ee-dee na khuy! Chto za huy! Plus, for every recycled “Choose Your Own EPL Team Adventure”, you get a gem by Brian Phillips about ‘Arry. It’s worth the price of admission. (Grantland)

Many of you will remember our exclusive and ground breaking coverage of Stray-ker, the official unofficial stray dog mascot of every single Copa America, past, present, and future. Upon closer inspection, first world problems ain’t much different. Recently, at Anfield an unleashed cat ran onto the pitch and darted straight into our hearts. Enjoy this Venn Diagram that compares King Kitty Dalglish to other Liverpool greats. (The False 9)

On the domestic front, the WPS has closed doors while it defends a lawsuit by Mr. MagicJack.¬† Thus far, the highlight for me was Mr. MagicJack’s claims that “he didn’t know” that the league would have to “pay” an “attorney” to defend the suit. Yeah. A professional league was going to rock things Pro Se or just accept a default judgment. Uh huh. And pro bono is so easy to find during the tail end of this recession. Or maybe Mr. MagicJack is used to tossing his gold coins around to squeeze suppliers and hoped similar tactics would work vs WPS. Luckily, some speculate the lawsuit is coming to an end.(Fake Sigi)

In legitimate feel good news, Zambia defeated the Ivory Coast to win the African Cup of Nations. Gervinho continued his run of form from Arsenal, skying over his penalty kick for Ivory Coast and setting the platter for a Zambia win. However, credit is also due to Didier Drogba – he missed a potentially winning penalty kicked earned by Gervinho in regulation. Regardless of the circumstances, 19 years after a tragic plane crash, the country of Zambia rejoices. Kudos! (A Football Report)

On a romantic note, FBM had some twitterfun and cherry picked the best responses to a thread of #SoccerLove. I prefer to romanticize about past soccer greats, but my reply, “Black Pearl Earrings for Her”, in reference to Eusebio, was not a finalist. Still, check out the legitimate highlights. (Free Beer Movement)

Lastly, many of you hate to read blocks of text. The lines, the dots, the circles, it can be ever so hard on the eyes. Thus, take an iPad screen slobbering gander at this amazing Portland Timbers original artwork. (Pitch Invasion)

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