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Tekkies and trekkies, you are in for a not-Tim Cook approved treat. First some history: nine months ago, we launched the FutFanApp for iPhone and Android. Since then, iPhone has upgraded to iOS 5, while Android plans to soon upgrade to Smore Honey Comb Ice Cream Sundae Sandwich. What does that mean in non-tech jargon? Blah blah, blah blah blah blah. Your mobile is cooler and demands cooler apps be downloaded. But is the FutFanApp ready?

Do Liverpool fans defensively blame media conspiracies for their teams’ individual and collective failings? A RESOUNDING YES. I proudly present Version 2.0 of the FutFanApp, retrofitted for your new cool cellular and available for only $0.99.

The benefit vs. mobile browsing? Well, we eliminated the 4Square based”Pusktrac” and have instead added improved thumb-navigability by categories. You can easily browse by Posts, La Liga, the EPL, and others. Stick that in your Mini Opera and smoke it! I’ve also addressed the iPhone crash report issues. The splash screen shall no longer be a  kiss of death. While the developer has forced us to place small banner ads on the bottom of the screen (or pay a cost prohibitive monthly maintenance fee), I have resisted the inquiry letters from media network types who conflate ” full screen pop up ads” with “audience engagement.” How long can I last?

When you buy this app, you strengthen my resistance. The second I sell enough of these to cover costs, the ads will be terminated. Then, only you and your phone will know how many viruses you have and you’ll be left in the wilderness to find reggaeton ringtones all by your lonesome. It shall be glorious. The goal of this app is easy mobile reading of my writing, not profiteering.

Support the revolution. Buy the iPhone App here. Or purchase the Android App here. Only tell trusted allies.

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