OWN GOALS – Some Soccer Goodness From the Interwebs

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The soccer interwebs are a large and scary place. Sometimes, you try to find an amusing GIF of a petulant foul or amazing free kick and you end up in a forum cave, surrounded by trolls that will defend King Kenny to the death. Tread with caution. And check out these pre-approved links.

Brian Phillips has the scoop on all the leading Chelsea manager candidates and the betmakers’ odds for each one. NOT. Seriously, doesn’t everybody realize that the Blues manager is an on call/seasonal position, like farm work picking citrus in a field? Of course, if you pick enough oranges, you have a chance of being retained full time. Not so with Chelsea. And people are sick of the carousel. (Grantland)

Clint Dempsey has had a monster season for Fulham and Clint-sanity has replaced Lin-sanity this side of the pond. Luigi has penned an amazingly cool pic of Deuce that you must see. Seriously. (Squareroot of Cruyff)

In case you missed yesterday’s game, Cristiano Ronaldo bagged a hat trick and Real Madrid beat Atletico 4-1. The best goal of the bunch was his wicked free kick that managed to bend, dip, and then dip and bend. The shot flatflooted Atletico’s goalie, who could only hear the ting of his left hand post as the ball entered the net. Check out a GIF. (101 Great Goals)

Racism and ethnic tensions have almost always simmered below the surface of soccer. However, the popular “death to Arabs” chant in Israeli soccer games is both disturbing and needs to be stamped out. For the curious, I recommend this read on the history of this popular yet poisonous anthem. (Turbulent World of Middle Eastern Soccer)

Messi has scored a ton of goals, and his individual brilliance has left us all with shaking pens and mouths agape. Can we even hope to describe his continual brilliance? Luckily, at around age 27 he will start to descend and appear a homo sapien. Until then, enjoy this glossary of Messi terms. (Catch 22 Soccer)

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