Ask An American Soccer Fan: Euro 2012

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As Euro 2012 comes to a close, we again tested the waters with a sample of American soccer followers. After pulsating encounters and epic quarterfinals, we asked them: “Now What Do You Think of the European Championships?”

….A Rush Limbaugh Listener

Why can’t these communists keep their hands off my healthcare and resolve disputes with something more sensible than penalty kicks, like a coach’s poll or BCS point system?

….A Soccer Hipster

The Spain backlash is almost as trite and overplayed as the Spain backlash backlash. I’m too busy drooling into my carbon-neutral hemp bib as Pirlo panenka’s penalties to even notice.

….A Mexican American

England played 120 minutes vs. Italy, and Jermaine Defoe didn’t get a single minute of action. Gio, bro, you gotta seize this opportunity back at Spurs with both hands! Ahorale!

….A Nascent Middle-aged Fan

That Italy-England quarterfinal really reminded me of an American Football game. I was able to take a leak and grab snacks about 30 times without missing anything.

….A Soccer Mom

I caught the game on Sunday, but who is this “SEA” team in green jerseys that was playing PORTugal? Is it one of those tiny former Yugoslavian countries?

One thought on “Ask An American Soccer Fan: Euro 2012

  1. I’m a hipster on a Pirlo backlash (maybe the only one in the world right now, ;) . Really not keen on the way his freakin chip was played up as the turning point and reason England lost – and he fed this himself. Cause, you know, Young’s following penalty was so timid and whatnot, and his miss had nothing to do with dumb luck and millimetres.