Summer Roadmap and Some Reading Recs

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As many of you suspect, I am both a soccer hipster and a eurosnob. Thus, the European Championships have ended and I am going on summer break. No transfer rumors. No MLS mid-summer regular season. No US beating up on countries with a fraction of a fraction of our GDP. I will keep an eye on all these things, but no blogging.

I will turn my focus to writing “Real Madrid & Barcelona: the Making of a Rivalry.” However, things will still be happening around here.

First, I will be blogging about my book’s creation at GoodReads. GoodReads has a spiffy algorithm for reading recommendations, but the community of readers is the highlight. You make friends with smart and thoughtful folks, and they then lead you to some great writing. I’ll be updating my author blog weekly with snippets on the creative process. Check it out here. There’s also a cool private general soccer subreddit called “The Simplest Game.” It’s a trollfree Reddit experience and is moderated by me. Leave a comment or message me (futfanatico) if you want in.

Second, other books can fill the void I leave in your heart. At least temporarily. Phil Ball re-wrote his classic Morbo: the Story of Spanish Soccer. It now includes the 2008 and 2010 Spanish successes. Check out the Kindle edition here. Also, Jimmy Burns has a new book on Spanish football called “La Roja.” You can get the Kindle edition here. David Hartrick’s excellent “50 teams that mattered” is also available on Kindle here.

For those that will settle for no imitations, my Best of Ebooks are available for the Kindle FOR FREE until the end of the week. It’s a Kindle Select promotion bargain bin bonanza! You can grab the 2009 edition here and 2011 edition here. The 2010 edition can be obtained here. A 2012 version will be out in January. You can also still snag my Illustrated Guide to Soccer & Spanish for under five bucks here. For a dollar more, you can get it for Nook or from iBooks.

Third, changes around these parts. I’ve decided to change my position mid-post 180 degrees, lower the content control, and allow unpaid interns to write paragraph long posts about potential transfers to major European clubs. NOOOOOOOOOOOT. I have some amusing weekly plans for around here, but regular posting shan’t resume before mid-to-late August. Expect little aside from your lowered expectations being met. Begrudgingly.

3 thoughts on “Summer Roadmap and Some Reading Recs

  1. The people who write Spanish histories these days are on a hiding to nothing. There’s always some new vital development that happens too recently to make the cut: the 4-match April 2011, some new tournament Spain is always winning, etc.

    I remember seeing a great book about the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry released in… 2003.

      • Marty,

        no worries. I’m writing about the first century of the Real Madrid & Barcelona rivalry – from 1900 until 2000. Obviously, I’ll spill some ink on Spain’s European Championship in the 1960′s behind Luis “Pep Guardiola Before Pep Guardiola Was Born” Suarez and also the 1982 World Cup, but none of the recent history for Spain or either club matters.

        I’ve blogged since 2008 about soccer, so no need to re-live recent history.