Ask An American Fan: Olympic Soccer

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The 2012 London summer Olympics offer an appetizing platter of soccer, despite the roster age restrictions. Brazil is featuring close to a full strength squad, while Spain’s B team could probably win a proper World Cup with a bit of luck. Thus, we asked a few Americans what they thought about the London games. Even though the US failed to qualify in soccer, they harbored some strong opinions. Here are their answers.

…A Rush Limbaugh Listener

The gold medal tally is a nice symbol of American exceptionalism, even if my American unilateralist sentiments scoff at such invites.

…A Soccer Hipster

The Olympics are way less commercialized than the European Championships. I’m lov’in it!

…A Mexican American

Bale injured his back and is out for Great Britain? Here’s to a long, long recovery and Gio seamlessly stepping in on that Spurs’ left hand side come August.

…A Nascent Middle-Aged Fan

It seems kinda dick that Great Britain had a team and didn’t invite Ireland. Wasn’t that Robbie Keane’s boyhood dream?

…A Soccer Mom

That’s too bad about David Beckham. What exactly happened with him again? I checked on Google Image search but his abs looked fine.

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