The Case of the RojaDirecta: Endgame

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Domain seizures. Lawsuits. Government initiative names featuring not so clever puns. If your stomach has not churned once during my coverage of the RojaDirecta case, then check your pulse.

Luckily, things have taken a turn for the better.

Here’s the good news: after a lawsuit and an appeal, the US government has returned the domains to Roja. Enjoy and to your heart’s content. Here’s the infuriating news:by strategically returning the domains with an appeal pending, the government may convince the appellate court to toss the case. This would prevent a clear appellate decision against the federal government that could deter future boneheaded “Operation in our Sites” initiatives.

Still, Roja has their domains. I’m happy for them. Mad props to the Electronic Frontier Foundation for intervening and finding some quality pro bono counsel. If you like reading long and unintelligible PDFs full of legalese, take a gander here. I think I’ll stick with Finnegan’s Wake, but to each his own!

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