We Interrupt this Already Intermittent Broadcast….

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The European soccer season has started. Cristiano Ronaldo is sad. You are happy, though. Your team plays regularly. Your favorite blog posts blog posts about Cristiano Ronaldo’s sadness. You feel informed. On occasion, you chuckle. Sadly, one of those things is going to change.

As you may recall, thanks to crowdloansharking site Kickstarter I am on the hook for a delightful book about Real Madrid and Barcelona. I have tried to balance the blog and the book, but, alas, I underestimated just how needy and attention-seeking both Spanish clubs can be. I’m all, “I”ll totally write about Stoichkov later, babe, don’t worry,” and mid-90′s Barca is all blowing  up my cell and texting me 24/7. I also get odd late night calls from guys named “Louie” who “ask about dat book” I promised to write. They’re not associated with Kickstarter per se, but…I get the drift. They have the decency to ask how my kneecaps feel, but for some reason I suspect ulterior motives.

I don’t think Louie really cares about my kneecaps’ health.

Thus, this blog will go on a week long hiatus while I finish the book (a concluding chapter left). In the meantime, these two Grantland articles by Brian Phillips are not soccer-related, but excellent. Also, SoccerPolitics featured a cool essay arguing soccer belongs in the canon of “the creative economy.” Read it here. James Dorsey of TWMES is getting sued for telling the truth. D’oh. Read about it here. For those in ET withdrawal, you can still snag my first eBook here.

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