Popping the Jersey and Calling it Quits While I’m a Champ

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My blog has reached the height of greatness. Check out Footnote 25 at this Wikipedia entry on El Clasico. What else is left? What more can I say? When an open source encyclopedia cites your humble blog post as a primary source, then you really struggle to find meaningful goals left to achieve. Yes, you could try to climb Mount Everest twice as fast or shave a hundredth a second off your World Record 100M time, but…but….it’s not the same. You know it. I know it. The universe knows it. This blog knows it. Adios.


This blog is going nowhere. Yes, I forgot my blog birthday, but there’s no hurt feelings. My MYSQL database locked itself in a room and cried for a day and a half, but I’ve been forgiven. I’m hard at work on the book revisions, so original content around here may be a bit less original, but, luckily, other great sites offer the goods.

Why does the MLS Player Union release salaries each year? Is this some sort of “Disaster Poverty Porn” publicity stunt that merely commodifies disenfranchised athletes from Third World nations? Not really. (Pitch Invasion Podcast)

Eleven Quarterly, a North American soccer mag, has shipped. Check out a preview! (XI Quarterly)

Howler Magazine, a North American soccer mag, is on the cusp of shipping. Check out a preview of an article by Matthew Doyle. (Tumblr)

This is definitely the Dirtiest Tackle I’ve seen in awhile. Most doctors take the Hippocratic oath and pledge to treat and help sick patients. This Brazilian physio cares little for such things. (Dirty Tackle)

Michael Cox is upset that the English as a nation hate his website, Zonal Marking. But seriously, a nice look at that eternal debate: to man-mark, or to complain about not man-marking. (ESPN)

John Terry’s decision to retire from international competition for England was so brave you just may cry. From laughter. (FourFourTwo)

Lastly, Juan Roman Riquelme captivated the heart of Boca Jrs. fans for over a decade. They miss him, and so do I. (IBWM)

2 thoughts on “Popping the Jersey and Calling it Quits While I’m a Champ

  1. Apparently one dude who won’t miss him is Martin Palermo, who retired because he couldn’t stand dealing with Riquelme on a day-to-day basis.

    • Roman was notorious for having to train alone during his “grim mood” spells, but being disliked by Martin Palermo (who regularly wore Superman capes) is actually a plus in my book.