Napoli – Your Personal Tax Grumblings Pale in Comparison

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Remember in January when Mexican police raided the headquarters of soccer club Puebla FC? DeMarcus Beasley made a few tweets, we giggled, and then thought to ourselves #ThirdWorldProblems. Well, that flippant hashtag was incorrect. Today, the Italian police have raided the headquarters of Serie A leading (tied with Juventus) Napoli. I personally blame the media. Brian Phillips wrote a post on them a few months back at Grantland. A few months earlier, the Regista blog penned some thoughts. If not for Brian or the Regista blog, the police may never have set their sights on the Italian club.

Of course, Napoli can now stand proudly in solidarity with club legend Diego Maradona, who enjoys the confiscation of personal jewelry every time he visits Italy. Is a benefit match in order?

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