Where’s Elliott Turner?

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A former soccer blogger who discontinued his own soccer blog tweeted at me that he was unhappy at my lack of soccer blog posts. In all honesty, I’ve been busy at work and focusing on a nice & neat manuscript for my second book. However, I realized that other readers may harbor similar feelings. Unlike the unpublished editions of “Where’s Waldo in Mexico” (hint: it’s the white dude) or “Where’s Waldo in Bangkok” (hint: red light district), I’m tough to pin down to one particular spot.

Still, here’s two places you can find my musings on sport.

I am honored to have penned my first post for The Guardian. For those of you who do not live in Manchester, England, but rather inhabit a cave on Pluto, the Guardian is a high quality newspaper that somewhat recently has expanded to the US. I wrote about amusing MLS supporter groups songs and customs. It’s an appetizer for a topic that probably deserves more in-depth study. However, you’ll have to be happy with just the tip. Check it out here.

I also penned a guest post at TheClassical on a somewhat pressing topic: administrative hearings and the adjudication of sporting disputes. I take a magnifying glass to the associations across the Atlantic who charged and convicted both John Terry and Lance Armstrong. What shows up is far from pretty. Check it out here.

3 thoughts on “Where’s Elliott Turner?

  1. I read both of those pieces, man. They were great. As a Dynamo fan, I was happy to see them on the list. Glad to see your writing floating around, and I can’t wait for the book. Woop!

  2. Ok so I’ve read this, twice now. So where/when’s your next post then ? You are not allowed to have a life outside of this y’know.

    • I shall do my best to follow the posting schedule of the last two years: a single post every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

      Once the book is fully revised and off to the printers (ie, the Calibre program on my netbook), then expect longer and richer posts. Until then, enjoy your boxed wine. At least it’s not spoiled!