Amazon Savagely Discounts Rafa Benitez’s eBook to One Dollar

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Life’s not easy if you’re Rafa Benitez. First, you have not managed a soccer club in years. Like the rest of the over-educated and unemployed, you started a blog. Then, with the help of a ghostwriter, you published a book: “Champions League Dreams.” Things on the uptick? Most definitely. With your new online media presence, the cash shall floweth. Right? Wrong.

Amazon has brutally slashed Rafa’s eBook listing price from an unrealistic $27.49 to a dollar store friendly $1. In all likelihood, his take away royalty is in the single digit cents range. Why am I so sure? Well, Amazon’s royalty split with the publisher is probably 70/30. Yes, for each eBook sold, 70 cents go to Jeff Bezos and 30 cents go to Headline publishing. Of that 30 cents, if current market trends are accurate, then at least 50%, probably 75%, goes to the publisher. 50% of 30 cents. 75% of 30 cents. Rafa has to move a serious number of Ebooks before he sees any green.

However, fans ask: is that listing price fair? Is it reasonable? After all, this eBook includes amazing details about Rafa Benitez’s time at Liverpool. For example, in his office, he had shelves of DVDs of soccer games and soccer training sessions. Rafa meticulously organized these DVDs also. CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE IT!!!????!???!!! I won’t ruin your day with any more spoilers, but the DVDs are just the tip of the iceberg of earth-shattering facts. All that quality for only a buck? I’m love’in it! Forget that McDouble I was planning on eating for a snack.

But seriously, is Rafa’s eBook worth a dollar? Let’s look at the market for Liverpool eBooks. Pepe Reina’s autobiography is listed at $7.75. Even the Brendan Rogers lovefest eBook published by a ten month old soccer publishing start-up is listed at $2.99. Even Steven Gerrard’s “My Liverpool Story,” listed at $27.49 by the same publisher, was only reduced to $15.15 by Amazon. By this measure, Rafa’s eBook is definitely priced too low.

As someone who has zero interest in Liverpool or Rafa Benitez, I can’t say that one dollar is too low a price. In fact, one dollar is too expensive a price for me to buy the book. Kindles can only store a few thousand books at a time, so I’d need the publisher to fork over at least five to ten cents a month to fill up my e-reader. However, the market for dollar-priced eBooks shows Rafa’s work isn’t out of its depth. For example, “How I Trained My Trick Dog Snow White” is listed at $0.99. I hesitate to decisively conclude that Rafa’s eBook is not worth one cent more.

And Rafa’s book’s low price has at least pushed some sales.

So when you unwrap that Kindle Fire for Christmas, don’t think: “Aww, I wanted an iPad mini!” Instead, think: “Yahoo, bargain basement Benitez eBook!!!” All your Benitez eBook are belong to me!

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