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Please try to remain calm. The end of the year approaches, the holidays grow near, and you search for that perfect gift for yourself. May I interest you in the Best of Futfanatico 2012 eBook for one dollar?

Here’s the lowdown:

I have selected my ten favorite pieces of my own soccer writing this year from the around the web and plopped them into one convenient place. Here are some of the articles:

¬†At Fisted Away: “Rafa Benitez Signs Alberto Aquilani as Guest Blogger for Site.” Before Rafa coached Chelsea, and after he coached Inter, a gap emerged. How did he fill it? Well, During his spell of funemployment, Rafael Benitez started and wrote for his own personal website, named, you guessed it, RafaelBenitez.com. I speculated as to a future signing.

At Run of Play: “Serie A Free Associations.” Nothing captures the macabre decay of the Italian league quite like a string of words melting into one another and never quite forming a complete sentence. Ber Lucid Sconi. Brrrrrrrr.

At The Classical: “Mystery Sports Theater 3000.” Twitter has changed the way we view sports. At least for the few of us who enjoy a dose of sarcasm and splash of irony while viewing games.

At In Bed With Maradona: “Ai Ene & Argayus.” Real Madrid and Barcelona did not always dominate La Liga. Both Real Oviedo and Arenas Club de Getxo enjoyed their own shining moments in the sun. And this article was a tribute to both.

At Two Hundred Percent: “An American Learns to Appreciate Non-League Day.” What if instead of watching overpaid professional players, you decided to support seldom-paid amateurs? Yes, the quality of play is lower at the lowest levels of English football. But there’s more at stake here.

At Futfanatico: the Soccer hipster post was probably the comedic highlight of the year around these parts. My fake interview with Jurgen Habermas struck a chord with lots of lingering humanists. Also, the bizarre English Premiership preview and my take on Zlatan’s vignette-laden biography both have proven enduring.

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