Vote Now for Very Important End of Year Awards!

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I know what you’re thinking – what award could possibly be left to win after Futfanatico has picked up so many accolades over the years? 2011 I kicked ass. 2010 I kicked ass. 2009 I kicked ass. Folks ask me all the time – do you ever get tired of kicking so much soccer blogging ass? To which I reply – “How about you turn around and bend over if you want to find out.”

However, the competition is especially tough this year. Please be sure to peruse the super-impressive awards categories and vote.

First Category – Futfanatico Blogger Most Likely Banned from R/Soccer

Second Category – Best Futfanatico “Best Of” eBook

Third Category – Best Futfanatico Kickstarter Campaign

Fourth Category – Best “Self-created Annual Awards” Created by Futfanatico

Fifth Category – Best Futfanatico Blogger to Get Published at The Guardian

Sixth Category – Laziest Futfanatico Blogger to Post Only 3 Times a Week

The polls are only open for two weeks, so spread the word and vote, vote vote!!! For folks reading on phones and Kindles, be sure to get online and vote here.

2 thoughts on “Vote Now for Very Important End of Year Awards!

  1. These awards are always fixed.
    Mr. Elliot Turner – aka the football blogging Steven Spielberg – never wins.

  2. You mean ALWAYS wins. Elliott Turner is too good to be true. He needs a custom steel-reinforced trophy case to keep up with all these medals.