Turning Your Attention Towards a Looming Xmas Blizzard

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For those not in-the-know, The Blizzard is a quarterly magazine dedicated to lengthy footy goodness. They offer a pretty sweet pay-what-you like digital edition, which includes a PDF, ePub, and Mobi download. More importantly, Issue Seven, out yesterday, features an article by yours truly.

I wrote about a topic dear to my heart: Nicaraguan soccer. I took a glance at FIFA’s Goal Development Program and the (alleged) construction of a national stadium in Managua, Nicaragua. I did basic math and, shockingly, things did not add up. Latin America. FIFA. Corruption. I know you are shocked and your jaw just hit the floor. Hopefully it didn’t drop too low, too hard, too fast.

Get your copy here. Oh, and other people probably wrote articles for Issue Seven too.

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