The Long Kiss Until Later…

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Happy holidays to everybody from the award-winning yet still vindictive Futfanatico. It’s been a great year for the site, from the failed FutSail University takeover to the shareholder-targeted ramblings of MBA Baracus to Rafa Benitez’s dollar ebook-to-Chelsea manager turnaround. Only one thing could make for a better year – Chelsea firing Benitez, and then immediately re-hiring him. Could it happen? Our fingers are crossed, our breath held, our face a deep blue, and our hearts full of optimism and wonder.

Until then, here’s the low-down on next year.

My New Year’s resolution for 2013 is that absolutely, positively 100% no way I will sell my site and/or domain rights to Dr. Moschlavius Gumperteer near the end of March/early April. I also have resolved to do a Futfanatico first – win a FIFTH CONSECUTIVE award for best-soccer-blog-with-futfanatico-in-the-url. However, for that to happen, I must recharge the batteries. Thus, expect silence in these parts until mid-to-late January 2013.

Until then, I wrote a little something something for Issue Seven of The Blizzard. Check it out here.

I also have published for the Kindle a 2012 “Best Of” Futfanatico eBook on sale for one dollar. Snag a copy here.

As always, you can get my first eBook, An Illustrated Guide to Soccer & Spanish for your Kindle here, your iPad/iPhone here, and your Nook here.

What will I be doing? Celebrating Christmas. Sipping Whiskey in a cup marked “Egg Nog.” Strategically waiting to buy and exchange gifts on the Dia de Reyes Magos, taking advantage of post Xmas sales, like all good middle class Mexican-Americans. Editing for what feels like the 5,974th time my new eBook, Real Madrid & Barcelona: the Making of a Rivalry. Wishing I was blogging for your entertainment. Plucking petals from a rose and saying “S/he reads me, s/he reads me not.” Cleaning up rose petals. Gluing rose petals to a rose stem.

Until mid-January, happy holidays from the Futfanatico family to yours.

2 thoughts on “The Long Kiss Until Later…

  1. Felix Navigate to you too, sir, and to your future-Real-Madrid-legend offspring, Dr. G, Pusky, Fake Futfanatico, and Fake Fake Fake Futfanatico (but not Fake Fake Futfanatico, who I find suspect). I eagerly look forward to the book, and hope that the fight between you and Sid Lowe is fair, brutal and reasonably priced on PPV.

    • You and I know the coming slugfest will be NONE OF THE ABOVE. Just the other day, at a frequent Guardian contributor dinner in NYC (all expenses paid, including first class airfare and five star hotel suite), I double-tipped the valet after seeing Sid only single tip the valet. This is war!