Jen Chang Still Proudly Lists former LFC Communications Director on LinkedIn Profile

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Some follow-up to the Jen Chang/Duncan Jenkins mess. Last October, Jen Chang, then director of communications for Liverpool FC, allegedly engaged in questionable tactics when trying to silence a satirical blogger/twitterati. Not surprisingly, the blogger used his social media savvy to air grievances against Chang. Who’d have thought it – somebody with a large twitter following would tell his twitter following about something! Chang clearly overplayed his hand.

And here’s what happened next.

The Daily Mail claims Chang was sacked. HuffPo claims Chang left on his own accord. Official statements are that Chang left for “family reasons” in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which affected his/a family home in New York. However, we can all read between the lines. Liverpool has since apologized to the blogger. The Hurricane Duncan precipitated this exit, not Sandy.

So, Chang finds himself in an odd place. For his next job application, the simplest of Google Searches will show his name, numerous stories of ambiguous threats, and his picture. The picture is the true pick-axe: no way he can claim some other “Jen Chang” did that and delete LFC from his resume. Unless he shaves his head and grows a beard. Based on the LinkedIn profile pic, it has not yet reached that stage.

Chang lists the LFC gig on his LinkedIn profile, but you’d think he’d want to focus more on the LSE degree and SI Senior Editor than, ahem, the job related to “the incident.” The word “minimize” is most appropriate. He’ll have to disclose the incident early and play it off as a learning experience, otherwise job interviews will have some dramatic and awkward turns when interviewers clear their throats and ask “So, tell me about this Duncan Jenkins” and pull out newspapers from desk drawers.

On the plus side, he’s back in the US of A. Most Americans think that Liverpool is a washing machine brand. Also, he’s very very close to New Jersey. Plenty of positions and job openings appreciate a man with some “strong arm” experience. Trash collection? Dock worker associations? Fraternity of gas-pumpers? The turnpike offers a host of opportunities, and also a shot at redemption.

God speed Jen.

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