Most Disingenuous Soccer Email of the Week

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You’ve won back-to-back championships. You play to a packed house. You are located in a bustling metropolis where the sun shines year round. If you are the LA Galaxy, life is good, right? Kinda.

A few years ago, I flew to LA for the Galaxy Open Tryout. It was a blast. I stayed with friends in Irvine, got to play some quality soccer at the Home Depot Center, and enjoyed Manhattan Beach after not making the first day cut. Unbeknownst to me, said event and the disclosure of my email to said organization would result in the filling of my inbox by LA Galaxy updates. I am not an LA fan. I’m a Sporting KC fan. I’m no hater, though. I also like to get a lead on the news when possible. Thus, no “unsubscribe for me.” Then, I got the above email.

Everybody knows that storm clouds dot the horizon in La La Land. David Beckham, a solid contributor on the field and underwear model/designer off it, has left the building. Landon Donovan, perhaps the US and Galaxy’s greatest every player, is, like, traveling dude and may retire waaaay too young. Presumably, if you have signed up for an LA Galaxy email, you know this. You are well-versed in this dilemma.

Thus, the re-signing of Robbie Keane, age 32, and defensive midfielder Juninho probably did not incite a party atmosphere. Yes, both were key contributors to the Galaxy. Yes, both have plenty of gas left in the tank. Moving Juninho from a loan to a permanent deal is nice. Keeping Keane around is also quaint. However, these moves kinda ignore the elephant(s) in the room.

Who will be the creative midfielder in the center of the park? Who will inject pace and width into the LA attack? Who will take setpieces? This email’s tone is like dancing in the rain just before a hurricane hits. I know that PR people have to be positive all the time and communicate positive messages all the time. I can only imagine just how quickly those upper prescription refills need to be, um, refilled. Again.

On the plus side, $12.50 for tickets? Take that Barclays Premiership!

2 thoughts on “Most Disingenuous Soccer Email of the Week

  1. While I agree with your basic thesis about PR/marketing, I think you might be being a little harsh on the Galaxy here… Of course their fans know that Beckham has gone and Donovan is still wobbling. But signing up Keane and Juninho is a big deal.

    And those are remarkably cheap season tickets…

    • I agree on the season tickets – great deal. I get lots of these PR emails and they are harmless, but this one just struck a funny bone. It’s like the Bulls re-signing Horace Grant and Dennis Rodman and celebrating it while Jordan and Pippen retire. Yes, Keane and Juninho are great players, but they were complimentary to the offensive sparks of Becks and Donovan.