Real Madrid Proudly Presents….the Marca Mentiras Portada!

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Dear Soci@s,

Today is an exciting day for Real Madrid. As you know, a few days ago, Spanish sports daily Marca published an utter lie of a story: that team captains Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas demanded the club fire Jose Mourinho. Both have issued official statements. Also, the club is considering legal action. However, news travels at light speed, while lawsuits move at the pace of an especially lethargic snail.

Thus, we proudly announce an alternative solution: the Marca Mentiras Portada!

That’s right – for the first time in several years, the official Real Madrid website will be undergoing a facelift. A splash of CSS, a dash of Javascript, a barrel-full of XHTML – you get the picture. However, the most exciting part is the content: the Marca Mentiras Portada will feature hourly updates that either verify or (more likely) flatly deny the latest Marca story about Real Madrid. That’s right – hourly updates. We can no longer wait the 24 hours necessary for a proper press notes. Instead, a team of interns will be scouring Marca articles and fact-checking nonstop.

Obviously, this raises an interesting question. Why are we fact-checking for a “newspaper?” Shouldn’t the writers be sure of facts before publishing anything? Even more importantly, shouldn’t editors be 100% of every story that they publish on the front page? Isn’t that how most newspapers work? After all, most readers want the truth, right?

That’s right. But Marca is not your ordinary newspaper. Rather, during the Spanish Civil War, Franco overtook the Basque region and appropriated Marca as his source of propaganda. During that time, the paper gained notoriety for erroneously reportingthe death of star (and regime supporting) soccer players. Since then, the journalistic standards have arguably slipped.

Back then, Marca at least had an editorial direction: pro Franco. Now, the paper is just really into starting shit. And we’re glad that the Marca Mentiras Portada “MMP”, the Marca Mentiras Twitter handle, and the Marca Mentiras Pinterest will allow the club to respond to fire with fire. As soci@s of the greatest club in the world, you deserve the best. MMP takes Real Madrid one step closer to perfection.


Flory P.

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