Inflation Rears Its Ugly Head in the Soccer Media Economic Sphere

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Going by Amazon publication date, this is actually a case of the much feared “deflation” (ie, a drop in prices for goods). On December 18, a Surreal Football magazine was worth $8. Two days later, the price dropped to $2.99. Obviously, deflation of more than 50% is a terrifying prospect for the global economy. Luckily, there’s a technical explanation – the SF crew only recently published the first magazine to Amazon, but it’s been around for awhile.

As for the second one – ‘zine, grab it while it’s hot. Yes, $8 is a bit pricy. My own (cough cough) eBooks are and will cost around six dollars. Think of that additional $2 as a “spite premium.” And snag your copy here.

In other news, I penned some thoughts on the Sporting KC stadium renaming. That’s right – Sporting KC shall no longer live strong. To catch up on local political gossip and a bit of an anti-corporate rant, click here.

I also wrote for TheClassical about the Real Madrid man you love to hate to love: Pepe. Check it out here.

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