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As mentioned a few weeks ago, Google Reader is dead and dying. The interwebs filled with articles about replacements. I lamented the death of a few good blogs and hastily concluded that I didn’t need an RSS reader. However, upon further retrospection, enough great sites still around do make an RSS migration potentially worthwhile. At least if I could find the right reader, that is.

I have. It’s Bloglines. And here’s why.

I grew up on PCs, but recently acquired an iPad. Thus, while my first instinct is to point and click with mice (plural of computer mouse anybody?), I’m slowly adapting to the world of pinch zooms (and limited multi-tasking).The Bloglines layout is pretty cool for an iPad (without having to download an App) and decent enough for a PC.

I know what many think – didn’t we all migrate from Bloglines to Google Reader back in 2010, when Bloglines almost flat-lined? Yes. But now they’ve been bought by Merchant Circle, and are alive and well. The articles and feeds also look pretty decent, although images are not centered properly. Why? Because Bloglines uses RSS feeds to create widgets, which messes with the XML. The widgets also somewhat slow down load time, but not by much. Here’s a sample article.

The one thing I can’t vouch for is migration. As noted in my last post, many of my favorite sites are long dead or dying. Thus, I only had to add about 30-35 RSS feeds, using the Bloglines “Add Feed” option.

So, there you have it. Sometimes to go forward, you must take a step back. To 2010. For the record, Futfanatico’s RSS feed is available here.

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