Real Madrid & Barcelona: the Making of a Rivalry, Now on Sale!

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Guess what eBook goes on sale to the general public today? A hint. Look at the above image. Details after the jump.

For only $6, you can now get a hundred years of history in glorious eBook technicolor! I’m proud to announce that the eBook, a tour de force on the first hundred years of this rivalry, is available at the following outlets:

You can buy a copy at Amazon for your Kindle by clicking HERE (Or on the icon below).

You can buy a copy at iTunes for your iPad, iPhone, or Mac by clicking HERE (Or on the icon below).

You can buy a copy at Barnes & Noble for your Nook by clicking HERE (Or on the icon below).

Please note, the book is only available in eBook format. No dead trees. No paper. No exceptions. If you don’t have an eReader but do have a PC, then you can buy the book at Smashwords here  (to read with Adobe Digital Editions or any other PC eReader program) or on the icon below.

If you really just want a PDF, and can pay via Paypal, then you can email me at Futfanatico (at) gmail (dot) com. We’ll figure something out. For those curious, I do get a bigger slice of the pie via direct Paypal sales, but good sales at Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble start a virtuous cycle: the book climbs “top seller lists” which leads to more sales. Thus, I’m indifferent. Buy what works for you.

If you are into social, then you can check out the book’s GoodReads page. I will also be doing an AMA at the Real Madrid Subreddit today at 7pm central US time. AMA means “Ask Me Anything.” Weird questions will get weird answers. Good questions will get bumbling answers. Bad questions will get no answers. Those are the only rules.

Lastly, thanks to all my Kickstarter Backers for making this book possible. They are all listed below in the chronological order of backing:

Noel Weichbrodt. George Quraishi. Jay Chilton. Jessica H. Dirk Knemeyer. Abby. MJ Volkovitsch. Graham Parker. Matthew Perry. E. Houde. The Evil Alien Robots Charitable Trust. Christhomasfc. Christopher Dwyer. Argentina. Leonardo Acco Mendoza. Lola Emanuelli. Tyler Meyer. James Tyler. Chris Jones. Terry Duffelen. 077Football. Andres Pacheco-Flores. Dago Garcia. Tyler Miller. Saajid Vawda. Steve Corral. Charley Erwin. Robert Mirani. Adam Burgos. Miriti M. Alex Santos. Andrew Cieslak. WebbieWebster. Adam. Amanda Morgan. Blake Mace. Clint Irwin. Max Ornstein. Ty Schalter. Hugo Botha. Andrew Thomas. Jason Davis. Keith Hickey. Luis. Ian King. Zhibin Dai. Grant Gardner. Cribby Crab. Joy O’Brien. Ellen Harrer. Eric Busse. Ravi Ramineni Michael Moruzzi. Maxi Rodriguez. Tanuj Lakhina. Allison. Patrick Kilgore. Eric Beard. Derlen Chiu. Alexander Netherton. Arvind. Martin Fletcher. Scott Kessler. Brian. Rodrigo Penalba.

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  1. Don’t you mean, “Barcelona & Real Madrid: The Making of a Rivalry”? Oh, snap!