Elliott Turner Continues to Get Around

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Yes, I’m on a blogging break. However, I still get around. That is to say, I am ambulatory. My legs function. I walk. I stand. I move. My hands also enjoy a full range of movement, not limited to swiping on an iPad and typing on an ergonomic keyboard. Here are some cool spots where you can find my written word on soccer:

If you ask most anybody who Honduras’ greatest player ever is, they will normally answer “what the hell” or, if they’re American and familiar with MLS, they’ll say “Amado Guevara or Carlo Costly.” They will be wrong. The greatest player in catracho history is Magico Gonzalez. I encourage you to read about his wonderful story. (In Bed With Maradona)

You may recall XI Quarterly, an excellent North American magazine about soccer. I had the pleasure of writing for them a deeply personal story about my time in Managua, Nicaragua, where I worked for Casa Alianza Nicaragua and used soccer to try and “reach” out to street kids (by clutching their jerseys in pickup games, of course). Please check out Issue 3 and subscribe! (XI Quarterly)

The Gold Cup has come and gone. The US won. Arriba America! Estados–Unidos–Jamas sera vencido! Blah blah the US and Mexico almost always win. Yawn. However, I wrote about the dark horses, the underdogs, the smaller teams that have come oh so very close…and Canada. Check it out. (Guardian)

Friends and enemies who closely follow this site will recall TheClassical, a wonderful site dedicated to sport and creative sportswriting (Not an oxymoron). They have recently launched a wicked cool iMagazine which you have to check out. (iTunes).

Lastly, the summer reading window is slowly closing. Fall semester beckons, with lots of boring classes and crap. Enjoy your August with my fine Real Madrid eBook available at Amazon for only $5.99. Check out a free preview here. As an added bonus, if enough people buy and read the eBook I will quit my full time job and start a blog exclusively about Junito’s blossoming soccer career (with at least TWO posts per day, Monday through Friday). He just tore up a Dynamo youth camp and I swear he’s six, even if his Nicaraguan birth certificate has a few odd dashes of handwriting…..

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