An SEO Guide to the Clasico: Surprising Key Words

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As the only soccer website to have been taken over twice by SEO-geared businesses, we at Futfanatico know a thing or two about “key words” and “black hat” antics. Hardly a days goes by without some spam email asking about “content partnerships” filling our inbox. Still, cynicism cast aside, “search” can be useful. At the very least, the mass of information entering and leaving Google algorithms offer a glimpse into just what people are thinking and/or doing when they believe they’re alone, just a keyboard before them and no peering eyes.

As a website with plenty of clasico content (and Google Analytics), we’re happy to share just what folks really think/care/do/relate to the so-called “clasico.” At least online.

I’m not going to share the top ten clasico keywords for my site for one simple reason: I’m selfish. When playing poker, I keep my cards close to my chest. I started this blog over five years ago with one goal: world domination. Thus, the nuclear passcodes will stay locked away in the vaunted Futfanatico safe underneath Fort Knox. However,you can gander at words 11-20.

What can we glean from this treasure trove of info? Folks struggle to spell team names correctly. Or “Barcelona” can be spelled either “Barsolona” or “Barselona.” Either way, my lack of a copy editor has been a boon to the hits. When you correctly spell a proper name, you go to the end of the Google line for that word (page 3 or worse – basically, death). Every time I’ve misspelled proper names, I’ve jumped to the front page.

Basically, the key to success is errors. No, not in that “I will learn from mistakes” self-help way. Rather, I mean that your mistakes put you in touch with the 99% of the population that also makes mistakes.

Now, we take a gander at the next wave of keywords. I’m going to be frank – words 11-20 are perhaps a bit embarrassing. At least on an artistic level.

Notice a certain word? Ahem. Cough cough. Pasillo. It means “hallway” in a dictionary sense; in soccer, it refers to a guard of honor. Basically, the opposing team players form a line to salute the champions as they enter the field. I wrote an article on pasillos between Real Madrid and Barcelona. It was reasonably well researched and not too long. It also scored me a Wikipedia entry and some mad SEO cred. At least, it seems that way when looked at in the best light. In the worst light, I chased clicks and hit dirty dirty paydirt.

Now, the last set of words:

I had to look up the word “predation.” It refers to when a predator feeds on its prey. What it has to do with Barcelona, I can only speculate. I like to think that some dudes got into a bar fight after somebody said refs favor Barca, but the guy wanted to sound smart and said “predation” because it’s a smart-sounding word. The other guy called him out on it. They fought with broken beer bottles. Police may or may not have arrived. Then, while bandaging wounds, they looked up the word with their phone and one guy smiled. The other is still missing teeth.

Lastly, the person who found my site via the Google by misspelling Real as “rial” is awesome. As a side note, an Argentine named Hector Rial played for Real Madrid from 1954 to 1961. He had a decent goal return, but got his place by being friends with Alredo Di Stefano. I love fortuitous misclicks. And the folks who use an “s” instead of a “c” when spelling Barcelona are the worst kind of fans. Tsk, tsk ignorance. Tsk tsk.

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