The 8 Reasons Why Real Madrid REALLY Lost the Most Recent Clasico

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Cristiano knows of many reasons for the absolute thievery in the latest Clasico and is not afraid of telling the world. Nothing will stop him naming and shaming these parties and/or organisations who will do him (oh and his team) wrong. For it must be told.

And here is a list of said culpable parties, as named by CRon to Webbie of the lovey Football and Music.

1) The Referee

Look at him. Just look at him. Who was it ? Was it Sepp ? Did he call you beforehand ?

2) The Ref

Look at him. Rubbing it in. Ha ha you have ten players now.

3) The Illuminati

The local chapter meet in the bicycle shop in the town. I see them when I go shopping for my avocados. They watch me. I walk past them and I see them there. Watching…

4) El Arbitro

It’s Robbie Keane. I knew it. He’s still rubbing it in about that victory in 2005. Bastard

5) Those fat cat TV executives

It’s all about the ratings. Not about the Cristiano any more.

6) That Signed Junito Tshirt

He wasn’t wearing it. WHY wasn’t he wearing it ?

(EDITOR’s NOTE: Junito had nothing to do with Real Madrid’s loss).

7) The vast Catalan conspiracy involving a community of under 8 million people

They want to be Portugal but they are on the wrong side of Spain. They know this.

8- El Referito

Why must you hurt me so…

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