The FutFeed Manifesto: Because Viral Content is Contagious

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I know, I know. This website has gone through so many “reboots” it might as well be a movie featuring a comic book character as protagonist. The Puffington Host. FutSail Online University. We’ve tried a million-and-one-ways to squeeze a dime from internet content. And we’ve failed. Up until today.

The good folks at TheClassical started a rad website with Kickstarter funds, but then turned into a “pay for content” online magazine that is awesome (and hopefully sustainable). We here at Futfanatico never entertained such a model – it requires talented editors, but we are only able to read other peoples’ work in order to criticize it. Instead, a popular website caught my eye, one that featured lists, images, and raised such thought-provoking Descartes-eque questions as “Can one photobomb his own selfie?”

Of course, one of the staples of being a profitable web publisher is, like a Spanish soccer club, not paying your workers. Thus, starving artists and college grads living at home or off unmaxed Visas, we invite you to read the site and pitch/send soccer listicles to futfanatico(at)gmail(dot)com. You just may have the pleasure of seeing your “work” on the site and never seeing a cent for it!

In sum, at one end of the spectrum, zines such as The Classical feature in depth and thoughtful features. We, though, have decided to embark on the opposite approach: content that doesn’t really work out your brain muscles much. That’s right. VIRAL content. Listicles. Pictures. Bulletpoints. Creepy and not really related “sponsored content.” This is the web. This is the new age. This is the model that works, that “feeds” off the web.

Let the feeding frenzy begin! Long Live FutFeed!


  • – Hot Pics of Somebody Who Once Played a Sport
  • – Hot Pics of Somebody in a Swimsuit in a Magazine Allegedly about Sports
  • – Hot Pics of You-Know-Who That You Already Have Seen on Instagram

2 thoughts on “The FutFeed Manifesto: Because Viral Content is Contagious

    • I wish it was a joke. I dislike viral content like my grandma dislikes rock ‘n roll and my mom detests rap. Sadly, though, it’s THE FUTURE