Top 10 Pictures of Ashley Young Barely Surviving a Brutal Earthquake

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Earthquakes. They are incredibly powerful and in many cases devastating. They tear apart streets, they knock down buildings, and, most impressive, they can on occasion cause Lionheart English international Ashley Young to fall to the ground.

Here are ten images of the devastating might of earthquakes as they toy with Ashley Young’s legs. WARNING – they are incredibly graphic.

1) Ashley Young knows to stop, drop and roll near to a cement wall whenever an earthquake happens. Just like Smokey Bear taught him.

2) Ashley was just about to score when BAM a Richter scale 5 tremor tears the field to shreds

3) Ashley begs for assurances his family is alright despite the quake: “And my mum?!!??!”

4) Ashley and Ramires were enjoying a cup of tea when, WHOOP, an earthquake tore London and Stamford Bridge to pieces

5) Ashley and a rival defender are absolutely tossed around the field like socks in a drier

6) Moments earlier, Ashley sensed the pre-earthquake temblors and immediately stopped, dropped, and began to roll [The certified, proper response]

7) Ashley thinks to himself “If I can just reach and snag this large digestible pill, it should last me long enough until relief aid is sent from the army.”

8- Ashley feverishly looks around, worried other players may not be able to stop, drop, and roll before the aftershocks hit.

9) Ashley desperately tries to stay on one knee as an earthquake threatens to open a hole to China

10) No earthquake this time, Ashley Young just straight up dived.

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