Top 10 Pictures of Arjen Robben Trying Desperately to Keep a Secret

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Arjen Robben. Bundesliga champion. La Liga champion. EPL champion. Champions League champion. Devilish winger. Bag of tricks. Powerful left foot. Many words describe the brilliant Dutchman. But few know that his truly greatest asset is his ability to keep his mouth shut: yes, that’s right, Robben is a veritable Ft. Knox of gossip.

Here are pictures of him keeping secrets. Don’t let his giddy enthusiasm fool you. Those lips are locked.

1) My lips are sealed with concrete. Don’t even ask.

2) OMG Pep told me what he used to put in the shakes he gave to FC Barcelona players and but but…

3) HOLY COW Dirk Kuyt did what with a ferret after a few bumps on a night out in Istanbul?

4) Remember that time I fell down and the referee blew a penalty kick? Well….

5) No, I mustn’t tell you. Van Basten and Schneijder would NEVER forgive me..

6) I will chew my knuckle off before I tell you the time Robin Van Persie invited me to Vegas for a horse placenta party

7) Well, maybe if I just tell you and only you, then it won’t hurt just this one time

8- Nigel de Jong’s most embarrassing secret ever? Well that would have to be….no wait, you won’t trick me this time!

9) These gloves keep my hands warm and also keep secrets in my mouth.

10) I know where Toni Kroos is playing next year and it isn’t…..

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