Yes, I am still writing about soccer…..

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Sigh. For the last few years, I’ve been pretty good about my Monday, Wednesday, Thursday posting. Why those days? Well, anymore and I’d turn the site into a content mill, any less and I’d lose my edge. Also, coincidentally*, those are the days when the internet has heavy traffic for actual readers. No, not bots. Not spiders. Not bait-clickers. Folks with the time to read some serious thoughts. I’m one of those serious thinkers. That’s why my listicles include full paragraphs under the pics and my lazy video posts include puns in the headlines.

Alas, it’s still Monday and I’m still posting, but time is short. Family and professional obligations have arisen. I’ve also gotten pitched by some seriously quality soccer sites, whom have generously agreed to publish my writing. Here are links to two longer pieces for said quality sites, both of which I am proud of:

First, Hugooooooooool Sanchez. Was there anything more 80′s than his frizz-fro and Coca Cola commercials? I don’t think so. I wrote a tribute to the Mexican goal-machine and a decade perhaps best forgot. (Paste Magazine).

Secondly, a few weeks ago, I wrote about how the franchise model can turn a pristine concept like promotion and relegation into a swamp of chronyism. Currently in Mexico, two larger clubs, Puebla and Chivas, are technically near the drop zone. There’s just one problem: the game is rigged. If you’re a rich club, you can’t lose, no matter how poorly you are managed. And if you’re an aspiring and successful club from Liga Ascenso – promotion may be your ultimate demise. (Fusion).

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