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You know the drill. Contrary to some rumors, I am not the only person who writes about soccer. While you love my writing and would love to see three epic, full length features at this site each and every week, I’ve been pretty prolific at SoccerGods and Paste Magazine. Thus, for today at least, you’ll just have to content yourself with fine writing by other folks and links to said writing. Which is fine. I do declare.

Obafemi Martins has gone from an EPL washed-up player to a man with a purpose in Seattle. His energy, enthusiasm, and goal-scoring prowess have been a joy to watch. Aside from snagging USMNT players, is this MLS’s path to respectability? (The Classical)

Ferenc Puskas wasn’t the only Hungarian stud soccer player to succeed in exile. This look at Zoltan Varga, whose name admittedly sounds like an offensive term in Mexican Spanish for penis, is excellent. His nomadic life in Germany and Scotland was marred by a few “incidents”, but his grace with a ball at his feet is unquestioned. (In Bed With Maradona)

Everybody loves new stadiums, especially if they are paid for by the public’s dime. In MLS, we also adore stadiums, especially when they are soccer-specific. And the New England Revs find themselves in the closed loop of new stadium logic: if you lose, you need a stadium building to increase revenue. And if you are winning and a contender…..why not splurge on some new and nicer digs? (Field of Schemes)

For Liverpool fans, the thought of a world without Steven Gerrard is a scary one. While he’s admirably learned to play the holding midfield role, even Andi Thomas knows that the writing is on the wall. Eventually, Rodgers will have to pluck his butt on the bench. Is now the right time? (SB Nation)

If you love cartography and MLS, then you are in for a treat. Some fans have put together a map of MLS expansion (and retraction) for the last 19 years. Enjoy. (Men In Blazers)

Kurds in Sweden started an immigrant soccer club, as is pretty common in many parts of the world. Soccer often serves as the social gathering and fabric for diasporas all over. However, given the recent events in Kobani, the line between sports and politics has blurred. (Turbulent World of Middle Eastern Soccer)

As you know, there are some soccer pass adjectives which I find rather trite. A kindred spirit, Football Cliches, has similarly dissected the sometimes bland language of the beautiful game. They’ve recently released an eBook examining and poking fun at said terms, complete with illustrations. You must buy this book. (Football Cliches)

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