A Premature Happy Holidays & Blogger Break Warning….

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Don’t you hate it when your favorite bloggers stop blogging but in the blog don’t explain why they are not blogging or when they will resume regular blogging? Luckily, Futfanaatico is totally pro. I am traveling for Thanksgiving, hosting family for Christmas, and things will be spare around these particular parts. You may catch me on Twitter, you may not. Expect this Death Star to be rebuilt and fully operational by mid-January with some erratic planetary death rays here and there.

Luckily, though, I’ve been kicking it for Soccer Gods and Paste Soccer. You have plenty to read.

In the promised land of Mexico aka SoccerGods…..

I wrote about my “Super Clasicos” are seldom super.

I articulated thoughts on why “option years” in MLS contracts and North America just may be barely legal.

I explained why being a Cruz Azul fan is amazing if you like rooting for team that neither wins nor loses much.

Before his brace vs. Holland, I looked at what makes Carlos Vela so special yet still a bad emotional fit for El Tri fans.

I took a microscope to the FMF’s screwed up structure that results in a regular coaching carousel.

¬†Over at the lovely Paste Soccer….

I mocked Real Madrid fans “hate but now love” relationship with Karim Benzema.

I looked closely at the strange gait that makes Angel Di Maria a bit devilish.

I examined just what makes Ezequiel Lavezzi an average among giants.

And because I always shamelessly promote my books when possible…

You can get my An Illustrated Guide to Soccer & Spanish for only $4 at iTunes. You can snag a copy at Amazon here. It’s also available at Barnes & Noble. The audiobook is also pretty awesome (and voiced by me).

You can buy my Real Madrid & Barcelona: the Making of a Rivalry for only $4 at Itunes. You can snag a copy at Amazon here. It’s also available at Barnes & Noble.

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